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Everything you thought you knew about Maestra... You dont. Judith Rashleigh returns in the stunning new thriller from the author of the Worldwide No.1 Bestseller, Maestra.PRAISE FOR MAESTRAFunny and clever, entertaining and well written . . . Destined for the bestseller charts The TimesA first-class thriller . . . Read it now before the entire world does. GlamourA rip-roaring read . . . Sharp and extremely well written Daily MailBrimming with scandal, intrigue and mystery, this is a book that everyone is talking about HeatDeliciously decadent . . . a glamorous and racy adventure Sunday MirrorSet in a world of oligarchs, Mafiosi and dodgy art dealers, it also has in Judith Rashleigh a heroine youll either love or loathe, at least two jaw-on-the-floor moments and sex scenes that would make Christian Grey blush Red magazineA psychological thriller set on the French Riviera, rather like Patricia Highsmith crossed with Gone Girl, unsurprisingly, theres a film deal in the works Harpers Bazaar - 10 Best Books for 2016

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