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So I finished this yesterday and I for the most part I loved it. FIRST STORY-GIDEONS: Id have to say my favorite story was Gideons for a few reasons. First off I just happened to like Gideons character. He cared for his people even when Lord Vesper wouldnt, he loved his family dearly, and he created the serums that were the basis for the 39 Clues first 10 books. I felt soooo bad for him and everyone when he was killed, but I knew it would happen sooner rather than later due to the fact that he took the lethal serum and in the other books it says Gideon died before he could make a complete, working, safe serum. What/who I mostly loved about this first story was Luke! For like the whole 39 Clues 1st 10 books all I was thinking was, What a cruel bastard he had to be in order to have the Luciens be the way they are! I mostly blame Ian, Natalie, and of course Isabel for this. What I actually found out was that Luke was basically too smart for his own good and therefore rejected by most people outside his family. And then on top of that, the family he did love (even though he didnt show it well) rejected his love and help when their father was killed. So he was forced through circumstances to run off on his own and become a cruel, social climbing, manipulative nutcase (who still had some soft spots for his son). I also enjoyed learning a little bit more about the other 3 kids. (Go Ekats!/Katherine!)SECOND STORY-MADELINESOk, so my friend Julia said this was the BEST of the stories, so naturally I was expecting something super amazing, to be able to surpass Gideons. To tell the truth I was kinda disappointed. I mean it was good, dont get me wrong, its just nothing really worked out at all for Maddy and I just didnt really get into it as much. Plus Luke basically sucked for most of it. And also theres this poem for Madeline, Maddy Babbit, scared as a rabbit that i could not get outa my head! The thing I loved most about this story, and this may sound weird, was the sayings Olivia (the mom) would always tell Maddy when she did something like her siblings: A Jot of Jane, a Cut of Katherine, a Touch of Tomas, and a Lick of Luke (my fav one). In this one Olivia finally dies, in an explosion. So Maddys forced to run off and she goes looking for Luke which I though was kinda dumb. I mean I know I have a soft spot for Luke now after reading Gideons story, but come on, Im not stupid. Theres a reason the Luciens are the most feared and ruthless of the groups, its b/c their leader became and stayed that way when he was forced to leave. If I were Madeline, I would have gone after Jane, much safer... Maybe Kate. I feel like Jane would be the most understanding of the 4, and Im just all for Kate because Im an Ekat. (BTW Kate=Katherine). Anyway Maddy tracks down Luke and long story short, he doesnt believe Maddy about her being his long lost sister, then he steals her ring, and is going to kill her. Thankfully she escapes. What a loser Luke is here! (Still love him though... and Hes really good with his kid.)THIRD STORY-GRACESOk truthfully I barely read this one. Grace never really interested me, even in the 39 Clues. From what I understand though, in this story shes like 13 and hanging out with her favorite beloved baby brother Fiske and the all of a sudden shes off to Africa and manages to land a plane safely all by herself. Ya sucky description, I know. (least fav story).FOURTH STORY-AMY/DAN/SOMEWHAT FISKESOk to start off this review of this story, all I have to say is POOR FISKE! I mean Amy and Dan are super used to all this crazy stuff constantly, and I mean I guess Fiske is kinda used to it too, but you know hes getting up there in age... Anyway Amy and Dans story was fine I guess, but not as great as one of the full books. Love Dan though, his comments always make me laugh soooo much! And Nellie of course. I was sad she wasnt really in it much at all. I do love though how the author managed to have them almost be killed/mortally wounded like 4 or 5 times in the span of 20 or 30 pages. Such creativity! :) Im super excited for another couple full books with one of my fav brother-sister teams! I SOOOOOO hope the Holts come back! I LOVE THEM They were definitely my favorite team! And of course Ian and Natalie need to come back, so that either Amy or Dan or anyone for that matter (im not picky) can give Ian one seriously well aimed kick or punch where it really counts! :) And my rambling comes to an end... Cant wait for the Medusa Plot (Book1 of Vespers)

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